recherche d'un cata de 38 pieds : "Pineapple"

il y avait une dépression tres sévere à 934 mb assez loin du cata mais qui avait levé une mer tres forte
on en sait pas plus à ce stade

CGs Searching For Missing Cat[...]y.lasso
January 21, 2011 – Western Pacific

Pineapple, a 38-ft catamaran with five people on board, shortly before it left Guam.
© 2011 USCG

The Phillipine and U.S. Coast Guards are searching for the 38-ft catamaran Pineapple, which left Guam two weeks ago headed for the island of Cebu. Four men and a woman — one of which is a Filipino American and member of the U.S. Air Force — were reportedly aboard the boat. The Pacific Daily News is reporting that the boat lacks "long-distance communication equipment," which has hampered the search that came at the behest of concerned family members. Although the roughly 1,500-mile passage was south of it, there was a 934 mb low in the northwestern Pacific earlier in the week that reportedly created a sizable sea state in the area.

24 jan. 2011
25 jan. 2011

cata retrouvé sain et sauf
mauvais temps et avarie de safran, du retard et aucun moyen de communication longue distance
ptet une VHF ?

tout est bien qui finit bien[...]y.lasso

The Philippine Coast Guard debriefs the crew, looking tanned and otherwise unscathed.
© 2011 Philippine Coast Guard

Every experienced sailor knows that sailing on a schedule is a risky prospect, especially when the voyage covers a long distance. When family members don't hear from their loved ones by their estimated arrival date, worry sets in. And if the boat lacks long-distance radios or satphones, there's no way for its crew to tell shoreside contacts that they're alive and well.

Such was the case with the 'mysterious disappearance' of the 38-ft catamaran Pineapple. News outlets around the world picked up the story that the boat with five Americans aboard was a few days overdue after a 1,500-mile passage from Guam to Cebu in the Philippines. We ran a short item in Friday's 'Lectronic, as we often do when we receive a report about overdue vessels, but why the international media became so interested was the real mystery.

The delivery crew of Pineapple ran into some rough weather that damaged their rudder, but caused no injuries.
© 2011 Philippine Coast Guard

Both the Philippine and U.S. Coast Guards spent several days searching for the cat with no result. On Sunday, the lone female crewmember aboard Pineapple was able to make a cell phone call to her husband with the news that the boat had sustained a damaged rudder in rough weather, so the crew used the boom to create a makeshift emergency rudder. This, of course, decreased their speed, but they reported that they were never in serious danger. Pineapple reportedly made it into port today under her own power with her delivery crew safely aboard.

After they were found, the crew's names were released: Joe Gamec, Prandy Pratz, Steven Blanton, Chris Bell, and Corey Goldhorn — who just happens to be the son of Major General Donald J. Goldhorn, former Adjutant General of the Guam National Guard. We assume that solves the 'mystery' of why the international press gave the case so much attention. In any case, we're all relieved that they arrived safely.

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