Perdu en mer: voilier "COLROS" retrouvé vide.

J'ai relayé en Janvier que Colros, parti du sudouest de l'Angleterre vers Madère, n'avait pas donné de ses nouvelles.
Le bateau vient d'être retrouvé sans avarie mais sans son skipper. Voici le récit (pris sur le forum du

Dear Friends,

I promised to update you with any news of S/Y COLROS and her skipper, David Cartwright. We received word yesterday morning from the Suffolk police to say that Colros has been found drifting in the mid-Atlantic. David was not on board.

Colros was spotted by the crew of a "super yacht" two days ago (May 30th) about 600 nautical miles SW of the Azores; they contacted the authorities who asked them to board her - two crewmembers did - and they picked up David's log and passport, which they will hand over to the Gibraltar police when they arrive there around June 5th. They left Colros drifting (apparently that's all they could do) and presumably she'll make landfall at some point.

David's last entry in the log was January 8th when he was about 180 miles west of Lisbon, putting him right on course / on time for Madeira.
The police did not have any details about what the log says, but stated that (from the report received) there was apparently nothing significant in the log which might help explain David's disappearance. We assume he fell overboard, obviously the result of some kind of accident - a fall or a sudden squall. The police are investigating and I think we'll know the most likely scenario pretty soon.

Colros has apparently sustained some damage to the mast, but she's upright and nothing about her suggests a capsizing. Her sails are a bit tattered but that's understandable as she's drifted for four months and a total of 420 miles from the last logbook entry.


02 juin 2007

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