Jeanneau Selection 37 complete renovation

Hello everyone,

I am after complete renovation of my Jeanneau Selection 37 and I am going to share details on the renovation process here. I believe it will be useful for the members of the forum.

It has been striped all over and a two layers of epoxy primer already have been applied. The rudder has been removed, it was very stuck, and the engine has been maintained, now it starts in a turn. The propeller shaft has been already removed as well for inspection. The superstructure of the keel has been reassured because of the additional lead ballast which will be put on it later on.

What I need now is to replace the rubber sealing of the propeller shaft, the lower sealing of the rudder and the sealing of the propeller shaft stand (holder).

Any information about how to get the parts needed is highly appreciated.

30 sept. 2021
30 sept. 2021

Hi ,
If you check on this forum , you will see many posts on the selection 37.
I did use a rubber sealing like the one on the picture. I didn't like it. On my new vessel , l use a Volvo type witch is so far very good after 800 h on the engine.

FARA_Nies:Hey lolapo,thanks for your comments, what kind of sealing you use, can you give me more details please?I plan to launch the boat next week so it is a an urgent matter 😊·le 30 sept. 23:30
lolapo:Just a regular Volvo stuffing box.Shipchandlers will have it or know where to catch one.·le 01 oct. 03:06
lolapo:Black Nav sail on this forum sail on a modified selection 37.A 3 blades prop is not the best for a sailboat made to perform well....·le 01 oct. 03:11
FARA_Nies:Thanks very much for the info.I have found one, with diameters close to the original[...]3819724 But it seems like it doesn't have space for the graphite friction ring.How it is done on the Volvo sealing, the shaft to sealing friction section?·le 01 oct. 11:33
lolapo:Your old one look like a stopello.Which was not the best except the price!! Check on google image and you will what you need. Check twice the dimensions . Your shaft need to be in a quite good condition with Volvo type. Not that important with the other kind.Where are you ??·le 01 oct. 14:57
FARA_Nies:I think I am going to buy the Volvo stuffing box. I am m In Germany.·le 03 oct. 17:38
lolapo:A bad shaft will damage the Volvo one. In this case see pat45 one.·le 03 oct. 19:37
FARA_Nies:Sorry, what is "pat45"?·le 06 oct. 23:41
01 oct. 2021

I have this one, seems in order...[...]ss.html

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