Défauts d'origine sur sail drive yanmar de FP?

Quelqu'un aurait-il connaissance de défauts d'origine sur les sail drives des moteurs Yanmar 40cv montés sur les catas Bahia 46?
Voici ce que l'on peut lire sur un forum américain concernant ces systèmes :Only problem: Yanmar SD40 saildrives. The first thing we did, was replace the engines that had over 7000 hours each, with new ones. To minimize the change, we stayed with Yanmar and are still regretting it. Their engines are fine, but nobody told us their saildrives are basically flawed by design and start slipping after 500 to 1000 hours, requesting a $2000 repair each time. This is true for the SD40, a little less but still so for its replacement, the SD50. Our first SD40 started slipping during the Panama transit and it took all the captain skills to complete the transit on one engine. Being still under warranty at the time, we contacted Yanmar in Panama City. It took them 4 months and 3 attemps to complete the repair, and the saildrive still makes a weird noise even now. We are now always wondering when next we'll lose our gear.
But this is a Yanmar problem, not a Bahia 46 issue.

14 jan. 2009
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