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à tout hasard, je recherche un numéro de Voiles et Voiliers; il s'agit du numéro 405 de mars 2005, j'aurais besoin du dossier essai du Hanse 342;
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26 oct. 2018
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Bonjour, je cherche un V&V paru aux alentours de novembre 2009/février 2010, avec un article sur un tour du monde en maracuja en solitaire.
si quelqu'un a ça dans un carton, je suis preneur de quelques scans/photos.

In the latest edition of 'Voiles et Voiliers' (excellent French sailing mag) there is an account of a guy who has sailed his Garcia Maracuja single handed around the world south of all three great capes, amongst other exploits. During that time he has been stranded for five days on an atoll in the Tuamotus before the French Navy towed him off, and survived a further stranding in the Chilean canals. On his way to Cape Horn his plate sheared off, but he made it to port OK and fitted a new plate with the aid of friends. There is no mention of whether the damage that caused the plate to shear off was caused during the two groundings, but you'd have to wonder. And either grounding might have finished off a lesser boat, in any case. And he's still out there after 120,000 miles in the same boat.

Môle du Cap D'Agde - France

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Môle du Cap D'Agde - France