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France, Espagne ou Portugal · 

Hello! Notre message est en anglais, si besoin nous pouvons vous le traduire.

We are a young idealistic couple and musician, Raphael (29 years old, rescuer) and Pascale (34 years old, intervening musician). We have been traveling since 2018 in search of exploration and human contact on a global scale in a rather special way.
We largely use our musical knowledge to support ourselves, barter and exchange have finally replaced our wallet.

Here is our small experience: we left last year from France to Greece as crewmembers on a sailing boat, plus a few day trips before.
Now, our goal is to leave the continent.

We are non-smokers, happy, easy going, and relaxed people.
We would be happy to help onboard, and we love cooking.

See you soon!

Raphaël and Pascale
0033 6 81 48 16 84